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Drivers To Watch Out For Print E-mail
It is amazing how many uneducated drivers rev the car to red-line (or beyond) in each gear trying to extract maximum performance.
Most road cars are tuned for mid-range engine torque, therefore excessively high engine revs just waste fuel, make more noise and damage components without increasing acceleration.
In fact many computer controlled automatics will out accelerate the manual version of the same car if the manual car driver has no idea where the optimum gear shift points are.

This applies to the many automatic drivers that leave the car is D for drive (or dream) all the time.
Thus when descending steep hills the driver ends up riding the brakes excessively, which can overheat the brakes and may lead to brake failure.
Similarly the drivers pulls out to overtake on the highway still in D for dream and thus the car ends up kicking-down gears while on the wrong side of the road, prolonging exposure to head on collisions.
An aware automatic driver should use the gears more often.

Can someone please explain to me what pleasure drivers get from doing screechies, howlies, doughies, burnouts, hackies or whatever name they wish to call them.

They certainly canít be thinking that such behaviour is proof of their driving prowess

Yes in drag racing certain drag cars (not road cars) get a benefit from a burnout as this heats up a tyre providing more traction.
For a road car all it does is destroy tyres and damage car components.
But then mum and dad donít really know what happens to their car when young Johnny takes it for a driveÖ..or should I say spin.

In motorsport a car sliding sideways or experiencing wheel spin; means the driver is underperforming and the car is losing traction and time.

These are the drivers with their seat reclined near horizontal that seem to just laze around when piloting 1.5 tonnes of steel, glass and rubber.
They think they look cool but no motor racing driver would sit like they do as you have little control or forward vision.

These are the drivers that always have to be in front.
They drive slowly, so you overtake them safely and then once you are in front they are offended and speed up; tailgate and then rush back passed you.

This is the driver that has made some modification to their exhaust and has become spell-bound or addicted to its sound.
This driver to get another hit of this sweet sound; persists in revving the car when waiting at the traffic lights or in a carpark.
Similarly this type of driver will gear down when passing a group of pedestrians (especially if the same age or opposite sex) thinking they somehow will care or be jealous by the sound of the exhaust.

Too often though the exhaust sounds more like a strangled chicken and provides a good laugh if you are the pedestrian.

For some strange reason this type of driver is always driving an old crappy car or has a set of alloy wheels fitted.
They donít slow for speed humps but rather attack them at speed.

This driver obviously fails to appreciate the suspension and tyre damage that results or what happens to the wheel alignment from such activities.
This becomes even more embarrassing (and costly) when the nice alloy wheel gets buckled.

Same as above but the vehicle being driven is usually a 4WD and so "cause its got the ground clearance mate" it is apparently made to jump over gutters at speed.
This drivers gives no consideration to the internal damage that occurs to the 4WD tyres steel belts when a 6 inch concrete gutter gets driven over at speed.

The driver that for reasons only known to them; drives at less than 90 km/hr on the highway (not that there is anything wrong with that) but then speeds up to 110+ km/hr ONLY in the overtaking lane zone.

These are the drivers (and motorcycle riders) that will continue to get where their going first until tragically the day comes they donít get there at all.
Remember it not who gets there first but who continues to get there that is the most important thing.

These are the drivers or riders that attempt to drive along a busy road faster than everyone else.
These drivers are characterised by rapidly changing lanes, tailgating and driving aggressively, they are also the ones that end up at the next set of traffic lights as the car in front of you.
It is humourous to watch their frustration as they get caught behind every slow car, bus, learner driver and turning vehicle.
They basically get aggro and waste a lot of their money for very little reward.

These are the drivers that keep edging forward whilst queued up at the lights.
Now there is nothing really wrong or dangerous with this; it just annoys me that these drivers canít wait patiently for the lights to change.
Please explain what does this edging forward achieve?

These are the poor sods that pilot overloaded utes and vans like they are performance cars.
They lack the grey matter between the ears to appreciate the vehicles lack of inherent safety (crumple zones, airbags, ABS), skinny cheap tyres (often rated to 120 km/hr maximum speed), rudimentary suspension and higher centre of gravity.
Sometimes there is a poor blue heeler hanging on for dear life in the tray.

These are the drivers that drive from A to B on auto-pilot (in D for dream) everyday, but cannot read the road.
They stare aimlessly at the bumper of the vehicle in front and just get sucked along.
They are typically the last to see a hazard and commonly pass through traffic lights and only then check whether they were green.

It amazes me how many times, you are travelling safely in the left lane along the freeway/motorway when suddenly as you near an offramp a car dives in behind you from an outside lane, they sit there for a second then pull back out to the right, half pass you then cut across your nose and go up the offramp.
You were not even turning off, so they essentially risked both your life and theirs for NOTHING!

This is where on multi-lane roads; a number of cars are patiently in convoy style all lined up passing a slower vehicle, when the queue jumper arrives and decides to race up the inside behind the slower vehicle and then attempt to force their way into the front of the queue.

The other drivers see this happening and a small game ensues. The queued up drivers begin closing up the gaps between each other to try and block the queue jumper out.
A dangerous situation arises since the queue jumper has committed themselves and would find it highly embarrising to get hung out to dry.

As a last resort the queue jumper will tend to (with no indicator signals) force their way across basically suggesting to the other drivers, I am coming in or I am going to hit you.

This is the driver that positions themselves in a tightly packed group of cars when there exists room to hang-back and create more space.
Very common on interstate highways where there will be clusters of many cars in close convoy with miles of space to spread out.

This is the driver that drifts all over the road, oblivious to the lane markings.
Sometimes a product of holding a mobile phone to their ear.
This driver also can exhibit dramatic speed fluctuations especially if in conversation with a passenger.

This is the typical average driver changing lanes on the freeway/motorway.
Their proceedure is to begin steering first, then glance to see if its safe (or swerve back if otherwise) and then if you are lucky you might see the indicators flash once to signal they made it into the other lane safely.

These are the last remaining prehistoric man species that still walk and drive with their knuckle draggging on the ground.
Also known as the hold-on driving position as they must hold onto the door, roof or side mirror (apparently so it doesnít fall off).
This driver has the misguided belief that steering the car with 1 hand is safer than 2.
If itís 2 hands for racing drivers it definetly should be 2 hands for road drivers.
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You might be a racer if:
You always do a toe & heel downshift while whoever might be your passenger gives you a real funny look.
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