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Ford 4.0 vs 4.1 I6 Engines Print E-mail
- 4L has larger ports in the head standard and repond better to turboing if used totally unmodified
- 4L has larger inlet and exhaust valves standard, 4.1L has room for bigger valve but this get expensive doing new valve seats etc
- 4L will flow around 430 hp, the 4.1L around 410hp when ported to the max virging on hitting wter jackets, with big valves etc.
- 4L has a bigger chamber so you only need 11CC dish to get 8.5:1 compression where the 4.1L needs the 27.9cc dish piston
- 4L valves are more canted so they need valve reliefs cut into the pistons, 4.1L engines have plenty of piston to valve clearance

Inlet manifold
- 4L have better inlet manifold design. Either EB-ED style or EF-AU multi path manifolds are better than the XF banana manifold.
- Turbo fords either 4L or 4.1L really responds to custom short runner manifolds with big plenums
- XF right through to AU engines use a similar size throttle body

- 4L has slightly stiffer block but the 4.1L block is proven to handle 900 hp so doesn’t matter unless you want 900+ hp.
- 4L has the start motor on the passenger side which allows more room on driver side for exhaust. Free flowing exhaust is critical on a turbo engine so this is quite a big advantage. You can however fit a 4" dump out of a 4.1L engine in a Cortina so again this is something you can work around. Again 4L might be advantage if you need a 5" dump (1000hp region)
- 4L block has a BW40 bellhousing pattern so a $400 adapter and different flex plate and converter is needed if you want to run a C4. 4.1L came standard with C4 in XD falcon towing packs.

- 94DA 4L has the fully counterweighted crank although this can be grafted into an 86DA crossflow block anyway

- 4L and 4.1L have essentially the same conrods although 4.1L are imperial bolts so ARP bolts from 289 windsor fit easily. ARP now do rod bolts for the 4L but they are harder to get
- No one makes off the shelf aftermarket conrods for either engine. The aftermarket, Atomic, PAR or Spool conrods for BA engines can be used with custom pistons in either engine.

- 4.1L happily take the 27.9cc dished ACL duralite which esily get you 8 - 8.5 compression you need. 4L has a bigger chamber so the 11cc dish ACL race series piston gives about the same result.
- No one makes off the shelf forged pistons for either 4L or 4.1L engines, 4L is a bit harder to get custom for as the valve reliefs complicate it slightly.

Fuel System
- No differences here stock fuel pumps, injectors and regulators are not much use for a turbo engine regardless of what engine they were on.
- The fuel rail used on both engine is pretty good and with minor mods can support 1000hp fairly easily.

Cam and Valvetrain
- A stock 4L cam is around 114 lobe centres standard so works quite well on a mild turbo engine. When you want to go chasing 500+ rwhp the 4.1L has a lot more cam profiles available right up to full roller cam setups with very aggressive lift rates. The 4.1L valve train is identical to the 351 cleveland and roller lifters from a 460 big block ford engine can be fitted in the lifter bores. The 4L is limited to about 230 degree duration @ 0.050" lift on a 114 lobe centre cam which is good for around 550 rwhp engine combination.
- Both 4L and 4.1L have pretty poor valve springs that should be ditched. 4.1L engine have readily available double valve springs and retainers available fairly cheaply, I am pretty sure 4L are easy enough to get good springs for also.
- 4L have roller rockers standard which are good for reasonable sized cams. If you get to the stage the 4L is breaking rockers then there is no billet items available. 4.1L use Cleveland rocker gear and Yella Terra roller rockers are readily available but these are around $400 - $800 a set depending on what type you get.
- 4.1L have a pretty ordinary timing chain standard but a rollmaster double row chain is only about $90 which allows the cam to be dialled in with the multi keyways etc. 4L have a double row chain standard but being OHC the chain is a lot longer and has the hydraulic tensioner. The 4L chains have been known to break on cars racing the Saloon car series. There is no stronger chain available for them. Cam adjustment can be done buy using a vernier cam wheel on the cam sprocket. This is convenient as it can be adjusted by only removing tappet cover.
- Both engine use the same oil pump. 4.1L drive off the cam, 4L have a dummy shaft in the front section of the block where the cam used to be just there to drive the dizzy and oil pump.
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