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Ford Crossflow 6 Rebuild Suggestions Print E-mail

XRGlen from the www.XFalcon.com Forums has various suggestions for rebuilding the Ford Crossflow 6 cylinder engine depending on the desired power output and intended use:

Economy-Towing Rebuild
Crossflow rebuild which would give excellent economy for family and grandpa cars..
so here is my grandpa build..

you would want 9.5:1 comp so a 30" motor with the normal amout of metal machined off the deck and head would require the following piston and head combos, (aprox)
XD-XE-E1 heads needs 8.6cc dish pistons
C1-C1A-E2 heads need 15cc dish pistons
and C2-C2A-D heads need a 22cc dish piston..
these comps should run on 91 octane fuel but a fine adjustment of the dizzy might be required.. but i recomend the use of 95-96 octane in all economy rebuilds..
all heads should have the larger 1.84" inlet valves..
std springs and retainers are fine but i would fit 60" shims under the springs just to make sure you have 80-85lb of seat pressure..
i would use a crow #14892 cam, 1800-4800rpm.. this cam is probaly more than what most grandpas would want but it will give great low down torque and economy as it is a single patern cam.. it really pulls from 1200-4200rpm as crow over rate their cams.. you would never know from the exhaust note that it is a mild cam..

any small primary (1.5 inch) pipe extractors will be fine with a 2 1/4" single exhaust with a 6 by 9 muffler and a bullet resinator at the rear..

std ignition will be fine but i would put lighter advance spring in just to bring the advance in a little earlier..

dont use heavy 25w/50 oil as you will lose power and economy.. std oil is 15w/40 but i recomed 10w/50 semi syn HPR10 oil.. this is a very good oil and will show in economy runs against the thicker oils..

i would recomend the use of a aussiespeed inlet spacer, small electric fuel pump, electric radiator fans and some form of cold air intake like that of the 1986 onwards XF falcons with the aircleaner conected to a pipe which runs to nice cold air behind the drivers headlight.. and dont forget a 55 amp EFI alternator...


250hp Build
I have received many PMs from xfalcon members wanting to know how to build a 250hp x-flow as they cant afford a 300hp motor or are on P plates and need something a little bit less powerfull.. i have come up with a good solid combo which will only rev to 5000rpm and use a 350 holley carb... it would not need roller rockers, head porting or any other hi-cost parts..
I would start with a stock C2 head (because there are lots of them around) and just add 1.84" inlet valves, good valve springs and retainers along with a full service.. about $700 all up..
to get 10.2:1 comp i would use 15cc dish ACL duralite pistons which can be purchased in a full re-build kit for about $600
camshaft would be a crow 14770 hyd 2000-5000rpm for cars with p/s and or a/c, or a crow 141550s hyd 2200-5200rpm for cars without p/s or a/c..
i have used both these cams before and even though they are both dual pattern cams, they dont have extra lift on the exhaust side like most dual pattern cam do.. they only have more duration on the exhaust which will not be a problem due to larger 1.84" inlet valves being used.. cam and lifters about $300
other parts would be a crow timing chain, arp rod bolts and a std volume oil pump for about $350 and then machining of about $600.. no balancing or big dollar romac balancer would be needed..
if you can put your own motor together, you will save about $500..
so for about $2500 you can put your own 250hp x-flow long motor together yourself, or about $3000 done for you..

other parts needed would be a 350cfm holley carb, aussiespeed 2 barrel inlet, re-graphed dizzy, extractors and a good 2 1/2" single exhaust..

other parts which would help would be electric thermo fans and a electric fuel pump..
these cams will work fine with an auto trans and 2.92 gears but 3.23 gears are best..

so there it is, a motor which needs no balancing, roller rockers, head porting, romac balancer or 200 conrods.. you can use a std auto with 2.92 gears or a manual with 3.23s and still have fun..

after i test my 300hp combo in sep-oct this year, i will build one of these combos and fit it to my test XE sedan and see how it goes down the strip.. i think a 13.99 second pass is possible with a T5 and 3.23s...


300hp Build
I have been asked by a few people on here about my new 300hp aFORDable x-flow combo that has been leaked out before completion....
it should be ready and fitted to my old test XE S-PAC in september...
specs are 40 thou ACL race series 200 rod pistons
beam polished and shot peened 200 rods with ARP bolts
crow 14650 hyd cam, 2800-6000rpm but it only pulls from 2500-5500rpm..
a (C1) 50cc head with larger 1.84" inlet valves and small 1.56" exhaust valves..
only mild guide and bowl work and 10.6:1 comp..
roller rockers, std vol oil pump, crow springs, crow t/chain and std x-flow crank..
the motor will only run a aussiespeed 2bl inlet and a 500cfm holley with a std dizzy re-graphed by ICE with no amplifier like crane hi-6 or msd..
the car it will be fitted to is a 1983 XE spac with a T5 gearbox and 3.5 spooled b/w diff..

the idea here is to get 300hp out of a mild combo with parts like a hyd cam, 2bl carb, near stock head and non amplified ignition....
my old 365hp x-flow with solid cam, big $$$$ head and EF crank is out of the reach of many people on this forum.. so aussiespeed and crow have come on board to give you the low down on cheap N/A horsepower for all....

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